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Wear Resistance Of Bucket Teeth

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The wear failure mechanism is related to the material and working conditions, mainly including cutting, fatigue spalling and other mechanisms. Generally speaking, the cutting mechanism dominates the wear failure process of bucket teeth, reaching more than 70; as the hardness of the bucket teeth increases, the fatigue spalling mechanism gradually increases, accounting for 2O~3O; when the hardness of the material reaches the upper limit, the brittleness increases , Brittle fracture may occur.

For working conditions where the cutting mechanism is the mainstay, increasing the hardness of the bucket tooth material is conducive to improving its wear resistance; for the fatigue spalling mechanism, the material is required to have good hardness and toughness; high hardness, high fracture toughness, and low cracks Expansion rate and high impact fatigue resistance are beneficial to improve the wear resistance of the material.

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