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The Good Choice for Mine Operations XE355

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The Good Choice For Mine Operations XE355
It is a comprehensive product and has three versions of the model,  there are SD, BE.BK. The first model is the BE version, equipped with 40 tons of Cummins's original imported engine which ensures power, is more suitable for high altitudes with low-temperature operation, and is easy to start. It uses imported 37 tons of main valves, low energy consumption; The 1.6 to 2m3 buckets can be used on this machine to ensure super digging force to meet the needs of more working conditions; The technicians strengthened the working device, making it solid and reliable. And for the first time, the honeycomb air filter is used, which directly omits the external oil filter and makes maintenance more convenient.

The XCMG XE335DK excavator is specially developed for mining construction and other harsh conditions, the configuration is extremely high, the engine and hydraulic parts are all selected imported brands, the big arm, bucket, body, walking system, etc. are all strengthened, the quality is guaranteed, the performance is outstanding.

Although the XCMG XE335DK excavator is more "heavy" compared with other comparable models, it has much lower fuel consumption, which is another important factor that has attracted the attention of many users. For the XCMG XE335DK excavator in the quarry operation, the fuel consumption per hour is about 21-22 liters. Due to the greater density of the blown sand, the intensity of the excavation and shovel operation is higher than that of the quarry, but the measured fuel consumption is only 22 liters per hour, which is a very good result.

For the XCMG XE335DK excavator and other new mining products, the XCMG excavator also poured great efforts into energy conservation and environmental protection. Imported engines, customized engine power curves, low-speed high torque output, and power reserve enough to meet the heavy load mode of strong power output and lower operating fuel consumption, greatly improve fuel economy. The high configuration also hope it is very cost-effective for mine construction entry-level players Xugong XE335DK must be your choice!

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