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Sany Global R&D Center opened!

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In the warm atmosphere of in-depth study and implementation of the Party's 20 spirit, on November 1st, located in Kunshan Development Zone SANY Heavy Machinery global research and development center was completed and opened. This is an important measure for SANY to promote the high-end, intelligent and green development of manufacturing based on the high-end equipment manufacturing field. In the future, SANY will build a 100-billion level headquarters and research and development base, build China intelligent manufacturing demonstration park with global radiation, and accelerate the gathering of high-quality projects, high-end talents and innovative resources of the upstream and downstream industry chain in Kunshan. It will inject strong momentum and provide solid support for Kunshan to build an industrial innovation cluster in the digital economy era. Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering Yang Huayong, Deng Zongquan, Tu Shandong, Vice Mayor of Suzhou Zhang Qiao, Party Secretary of Kunshan Zhou Wei, city leaders Xu Minzhong, Qian Xudong, director of Sany Group and President of SANY Heavy Industry Yu Hongfu and other experts and scholars and enterprise representatives attended the inauguration ceremony.



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