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ZOOMLION Earthmoving Machinery Appeared At NAMPO Exhibition

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A few days ago, the largest construction machinery exhibition in South Africa, NAMPO, was held. At the scene, the pair of engineering yellow and aurora green paints attracted much attention. The giants held high, the steel shovel was horizontal, and the hard core strength was fully displayed, and it steadily won the recognition of customers.

It is understood that the NAMPO exhibition began in 1967. It is one of the most influential professional exhibitions for construction machinery in South Africa. It has been held for 55 consecutive sessions. This is also the first time after the epidemic.

The ace product ZE215E excavator brought by ZOOMLION this time inherits the advantages of the classic product ZE210E excavator, and has been further optimized and upgraded. Design life increased to 12,000 hours. With its excellent performance and excellent quality, this aurora green is frequently eye-catching at the exhibition site, and even attracted customers from Mozambique to make a special trip to purchase.

The newly designed ZD160-3 PAT bulldozer also shined at the show. In recent years, ZOOMLION's customized products have continued to be popular overseas. The bulldozer unveiled this time is specially designed for customers in South Africa. The newly designed PAT universal shovel can reach an inclination angle of 25 degrees, which perfectly matches the needs of local customers. At the same time, the product also has high reliability and long service life. There was an endless stream of customers who came to inquire, and several large customer orders were successfully signed on the spot.

With the economic development in Africa and the continuous advancement of the "One Belt, One Road" strategy, the demand for infrastructure construction in Africa is further released, and Chinese equipment manufacturing enterprises are also ushering in new development opportunities in Africa. Take ZOOMLION's earthmoving machinery products as an example. From January to April this year, the company's exports to Africa increased by more than 70% year-on-year, far exceeding the growth rate of the industry's exports to Africa over the same period. Through continuous in-depth cultivation and innovative breakthroughs,ZOOMLION is providing African customers with higher-quality products, bringing more efficient technical service support, and helping Africa's development.



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