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The Excavator Ripper

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The Excavator Ripper

Excavator ripper brands as followed:
Komatsu(PC),Hitachi(EX),Kobelco(SK),Doosan(DH),Hyundai(R),Kato(HD),Case(CX),Cat,VolvoEC, Liugong, Yuchai,Sany,Xigong and so on.
The features of excavator ripper
1. In general, it is only matched one piece tooth, with strong the cutting strength, very convenient to loose the ground, get prepared for further construction.
2. Round protector that made of high wear-resistant material is used on the front of the ripper, it can be easily to separate soil and stone, and reduce the resistance. It also can be easily disassembled, meanwhile extend the wear life of the main part of ripper.
3.  The excavator ripper is mainly applied to crush the hard soil, secondary hard rock, wind fossil, then get prepared for further digging.



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