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Tips for Using Bucket Teeth

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1. Practice has proved that during the use of excavator bucket teeth, the outermost tooth of the bucket wears about 30% faster than the innermost tooth. It is recommended to change the position of the bucket teeth exceptionally after a period of time.

2. In the process of using bucket teeth, please choose bucket teeth according to different work types. For general excavation, weathered sand, surface media, etc., flat-head bucket teeth are used. RC type bucket teeth are used for digging massive hard rocks, and L type bucket teeth are generally used for digging massive coal seams. TL bucket teeth can increase the rate of coal lump generation. In actual use, users often like general-purpose RC type bucket teeth. It is recommended not to use RC type bucket teeth under special circumstances. It is best to use flat-head bucket teeth, because RC type bucket teeth will look like "fists" after being worn out for a period of time. The digging resistance is large, and power is wasted. The bottle-mouth bucket teeth always maintain a sharp surface during the abrasion process, which reduces the digging resistance and saves fuel.

3. The driving method of the excavator driver is also very important to improve the utilization of the bucket teeth. The driver should try not to retract the bucket when lifting the boom. If you raise the boom while retracting the bucket, this operation will cause the bucket teeth When receiving an upward traction force, the bucket teeth are torn apart from the top, and the bucket teeth are torn apart. Pay special attention to the coordination of the action during this operation. Some drivers often use too much force in the action of expanding the arm and sending the forearm, and quickly "knock" the bucket against the rock or force the bucket against the rock. This will break the bucket teeth or easily Knock the digging bucket to the cracks, knock the big and small arms.

4. The wear of the tooth seat is also very important to the service life of the bucket teeth of the excavator. It is recommended to replace the tooth seat after the tooth seat is worn out by 10% to 15%, because there is an excessively worn tooth seat and the bucket teeth. The large gap changes the fit and stress point of the bucket tooth and the tooth seat, and the bucket tooth will break due to the change of the force point.

5. The excavator driver should pay attention to the digging angle during operation, try to master it when digging, and the bucket teeth are perpendicular to the working surface when digging down, or the camber angle is not more than 120 degrees to avoid breaking the bucket teeth due to excessive inclination. . Also need to be careful not to dig the excavating arm left and right under the condition of large resistance, this will cause the bucket teeth and the tooth seat to be broken due to excessive force on the left and right.