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BICES 2021 Postponed to Nov.17-20, 2021

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At present, China nationwide situation of the prevention and control of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to improve, while there are still some risk areas in China, and overall prevention and control situation of China is still severe and complex. With such a circumstance, in order to protect the health and safety of exhibitors, visitors and all attendees, and to ensure that each participator can take party in show activities as planned and achieve the expected results, and having actively communicated with relevant exhibitors, representatives of venue and related organizations, and through careful study and discussion, organizers of BICES show decided to postpone the time of BICES 2021 to November 17-20th with venue location remains unchanged, and that all related conferences, meetings and activities to be held during BICES 2021 will be postponed simultaneously.

BICES 2021 (Nov 17th~20th), welcome to our booth E3416.   



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