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The Loader

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The Loader

As the name implies, it is the machine that can be loaded. It looks like a bulldozer with four wheels, but actually it is not just like this.
It is not only doing the work of bulldozer, but also doing the work of loading. The bucket of the loader is connected with the movable arm and the rocker arm, which can lift the bucket very high with mutual cooperation, what’s more, it also can do the action of overturning.
Comparing with bulldozer, rubber tires of the loader makes the loader faster in speed,and better flexibility and adaptability. The speed of the loader can be reached from 30 to 40 kilometers per hour, and it is also can work on urban road.
But every coin has two sides. If rubber tires without the track, the friction force will be large, so the propulsion of the loader is not as good as the bulldozer. In addition, if under the circumstance of the more gravel, rubber tires are too fragile, or in the muddy environment, such as on the fish pond or the rubbish landfill, it is easy for loader to be sunken.



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