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Compactor Feet

Road Compactor Foot 6W0755

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Road Compactor Foot 6W0755

Compact Feet
Material: Alloy Steel
Paiting Color: All Colors are Available
Trade Mark: OEM Or HPAD
Application Area: Compactor
Advantage: Perfect Fitting, Long Wear Life
 Packing:Wooden Cases
Lead Time: 25-35 Days

Our advantages:
1) High quality products with reasonable price.
2)More than half of our products are exported and enjoy a good reputation.
3)Materials of our products is high strength alloy steel, making our products more wear resisting and long durable.
4) More than ten-year experienced workers to ensure the quality in process.
5) Skilled workers to pack the products exactly according to your request.
6) Professional sales will arrange the shippment and prepaid all document you needed.
7) Patience after sale workers will solve the problem you put forward quickly and professionally.



Phone: 0086-13957476951

Tel: 0086-574-88050232

Email: info@tigerget.com

Add: Room#1817, No.158 TianAn Middle Street, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China

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