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The Assembling Of The Bucket Tooth

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The assembling of the bucket tooth

In general there are two types: the straight type and the horizontal type

The straight type: the bucket tooth pin is straightly assembling between the bucket tooth and the adapter
The horizontal type: the bucket tooth pin is horizontally assembling between the bucket tooth and the adapter
The straight type: It is convenient to disassemble, we can just hit directly from the above part , and the operation space is large.
If the excavation force is large, the clamping force of the tooth retainer can not meet the requirements, which is easy to cause the tooth pin to fall off. Therefore, although the straight type is easy to disassemble, and it is generally used in the small excavator. 
The horizontal type: It is not so convenient to disassemble, because operation space is small in side, and it is difficult to force on it . When disassembling a single bucket tooth,we need to use special long rod tools in installation.
When the bucket is excavating, the tooth pin which is assembled horizontally will not be subjected to the extrusion pressure of the excavating material,and it can be sustained by larger pressure. So it is usually used on the excavator more than 20 Tons.

The horizontal type:Loader Bucket Tooth

The straight type: Excavator Bucket Tooth



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