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The Producing Process of Bucket Tooth

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The Producing Process of Bucket Tooth
As there are different producing process, the production costs of the bucket teeth are also different. In the market, generally, there are three different ways:
1.Sand Casting
The production period will be shorter than precision casting, but the surface smoothness is not good as other two ways. But it has its own advantages in producing big mining wear parts.
2.Precision Casting
Precision casting is the main production process for bucket teeth in the market, although the process is much more complicated than other two. Precision-casting bucket teeth are with high price-performance ratio.
3.Forging Casting: the production cost is the highest, especially the mould costs, therefore the unit price of products are the most expensive among three production ways. While forged bucket teeth with best surface and highest quality level, especially in difficult working environment.

Sanding Casting Bucket Tooth

Precision Casting Bucket Tooth

Forged Ripper Teeth 



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